The 10 best beaches in melbourne (map & photos)

In particular, St. Kilda Beach is a popular spot for locals and one of the best beaches in melbourne, boasting both a pier and a beach walk.

Top 10 best beaches in Melbourne with photos and map 

Melbourne, has some of the best beaches in the world. From its iconic surfing spots to its hidden gems, the city offers something for everyone. In particular, St. Kilda Beach is a popular spot for locals and one of the best beaches in melbourne, boasting both a pier and a beach walk. The secluded Middle Park beach is a favorite among those looking to escape the crowds while still enjoying the scenery.

best beaches in melbourne map
best beaches in melbourne
The universal appeal of Melbourne's beaches in Australia is their seclusion, offering the perfect getaway for anyone looking to rejuvenate. From the shoreside eateries and popular swimming spots of St Kilda Beach, to the vibrant and Brighton's iconic bathing huts, Melbourne's beaches are hands down the best holiday destinations.

These spectacular sea-breeze beaches are ideal for relaxing getaways, summer sunbathing and waterskiing. The vast expanse of golden sand is lined with palm trees, and there is ample foreshore reserve with plenty of picnic and barbecue facilities. In these Exotic seaside destination, Whenever you feel hungry, you can enjoy flavored chips and calamari at a famous restaurant known for serving incredible seafood. In addition, after an eventful day at sea, you can relax in the indoor spa equipped with a seawater bath.

Tranquil Melbourne beaches also have a thriving marine life, where you can spot exciting creatures such as octopuses, anemones and sea urchins. So if you're basking in wholesome cheers for days on end, head to one of these incredible beaches for endless water sports on calm waves.

What is the best beach in Melbourne?

Melbourne offers a wide variety of beaches to choose from, making it an ideal place for a beach vacation. St. Kilda Beach is one of the more popular choices, as it boasts a boardwalk along the beach and stunning views of the bay. Alternatively, the Coolaroo Beach offers a more relaxed vibe with its calm waters and gentle waves. For the more adventurous vacationer, Rye Beach provides a wide array of outdoor activities, like fishing and beach volleyball.

Map of the best beaches in Melbourne

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List of the top 10 best beaches in Melbourne

  1. St Kilda Beach
  2. Elwood Beach
  3. Brighton Beach
  4. Williamstown Beach
  5. Altona Beach
  6. Half Moon Bay
  7. Mothers Beach
  8. sorrento beach
  9. hampton beach
  10. Ocean Grove Beach

1. St Kilda Beach

best beaches in melbourne map
St Kilda Beach 1# of 10# best beaches in melbourne
One of the most colorful beaches in Melbourne, Australia, a pure paradise on earth and a seaside playground, has to be St Kilda. It's a very safe beach where you'll find people sunbathing, swimming, sailing, windsurfing, beach volleyball and jet skiing.

The gorgeous sunsets on the beach are mesmerizing and impressive. Famous for its sweeping views of Port Phillip, it has old fabulous buildings, cafés, bars, great restaurants and gardens. Enjoy a cake from the popular bakery while enjoying the rides at Luna Park.

You haven't really been to Melbourne until you spend a day by the sea at St Kilda Beach. No car? No worries...the beach is just a short tram ride from the CBD. There are plenty of activities here, including kitesurfing, skydiving, jet skiing and beach volleyball. Fancy your beach days a little more relaxed? Stroll along the iconic pier (if you're lucky, you might spot the resident little penguins among the rocks!) or relax in one of St Kilda Baths' bars and restaurants. Everyone will have a day here.

St Kilda Beach has been a popular holiday destination in central Melbourne for more than 100 years, with a thriving park foreshore called South Beach Reserve dotted with outdoor restaurant terraces. Other options can be found at the end of its long pier, whose breakwaters form the harbor and provided a home for a colony of little penguins.

Weekends and holidays are especially busy, with the promenade frequented by walkers, roller skaters and antique hunters who come for the Sunday Esplanade Maker's Market. The offshore westerlies often attract wind surfers and kite surfers. Still, St Kilda Beach is pretty good, protected from direct surf.

Stretching about 700 meters of uninterrupted sand, the waters of St Kilda Beach have the highest cleanliness rating given by the Victorian Department of Environment, although cleanliness does drop in the 24 hours or so following heavy rain.

Best time to visit:

The two suggested best times for a visit to St Kilda Beach are-around early morning, preferably two hours before the sun rises if you wish to see the little penguins, and the other is around 11 PM. 

Address: St Kilda Foreshore, St Kilda, Victoria, 3182 (see on map)

Lifeguard service: Yes


  • Swimming/bathing
  • Kite surfing


  • Shower

2. Elwood Beach

best beaches in melbourne map
Elwood Beach 2# of 10# best beaches in melbourne
Just around the corner from St Kilda, you'll find Elwood, a vibrant seaside suburb filled with families and couples relaxing on the beach. Have you had enough sand? Cycle along the scenic coastal paths, or climb up to Point Ormond for one of Melbourne's best panoramic views; The impressive city skyline to the north and glistening Elwood Beach to the south. There's also a great fish and chip takeaway for an authentic seaside experience. Elwood Beach really is the package.

During the sunny day, Elwood Beach is one of Australia's most popular Gulf Melbourne beaches. It's a great coast for big families as the kids have fun and the water is calm and clean for a swim. This is an ideal place for a picnic and is especially attractive because It has light-colored sand and gentle waves.

Not limited to any particular group of beach goers, Elwood Beach has broad appeal. Its 1,300-metre length and generous width make it a popular venue for beach cricket matches, while kite surfers are also common when the wind is right offshore. Others love paved bay bike and running paths along the coast.

One of Melbourne's least crowded major beaches, Elwood Beach still boasts a children's play area, picnic and BBQ areas, several refreshment kiosks, public toilets and showers and a car park.

Best time to visit:

The best time to visit Elwood Beach is during a warm day in the summer. It is in the course of summer that this beach becomes one of the prime swimming, fishing, and windsurfing spots. 


Ormond Esplanade, Elwood, Victoria 3184

  • Shower
  • Swimming/bathing
  • Kite surfing

 3. Brighton Beach

best beaches in melbourne map
Brighton Beach 3# of 10# best beaches in melbourne
Possibly Melbourne's most iconic beach, Brighton Beach is famous for the rainbow-coloured beach huts that adorn the foreshore. The cottages were used as dressing sheds during the Victorian era. Most retain their original architecture, now adorned with bright colors and bold artwork Perfect for those Insta holiday snaps! For a full day out, visit the historic Brighton Baths, with swimming lanes, steam rooms and group fitness classes. If you stroll down to the shoreline at the end of the beach, you'll have a stunning view of the city skyline!

Brighton Beach is famous for the 82 striking bathing boxes that make this beach home and one of its iconic tourist attractions. When the wind starts to pick up, you can see some decent waves. This is one of the most popular Melbourne beaches in Australia and attracts many locals and tourists from all over the world.

It's ideal for surfers, sunbathers and swimmers. This beach is very close to exotic cafés galleries and restaurants, making it one of the most popular beaches.

No 'best beaches in Melbourne (or Australia)' list would be complete without mentioning Melbourne's most photographed beaches. About 20 minutes from the CBD, Melbourne's skyscrapers provide a dramatic backdrop for beachgoers playing in Dendy's clean shallow waters street beach.

The northern end of famous Dendy Street Beach is lined with 82 wooden bath boxes painted in unique colors and designs. Brighton Bathing Boxes brings history and character to this picturesque spot, both a Melbourne icon and a timeless tourist attraction. Picnic sites and barbecues can also be found in a grassy reserve next to the walking and cycling tracks behind Brighton Beach.

Best time to visit:

The best time to visit the beach is around 10am, when the sun's rays are not as hot, and you can click some beautiful bright photos. You can also choose evening or early evening to enjoy the beauty of the sunset over the sea.


Dendy Street Beach, Dendy Street and the Esplanade, Brighton, Victoria, 3186

  • Restroom/toilets
  • Swimming/bathing

4. Williamstown Beach

best beaches in melbourne map
Williamstown Beach 4# of 10# best beaches in melbourne
Williamstown Beach is very close to the main city and was Melbourne's first seaport. One of the most popular and visited Melbourne beaches, it has been transformed into a trendy suburb by the sea with a small village feel.

Affectionately called Willy's Beach by locals, Williamstown Beach presents visitors with stunning views of the city's skyscrapers and is filled with plenty of restaurants and cafés for everyone to while away their Sunday.

The beach has all the amenities and is within walking distance of the Williamstown Botanic Gardens and Nearby lifesaving club swimming pool. There are also plenty of picnic spots in local parks and reserves. Check out Fearon Reserve and Hatt Reserve for lush green grass and foliage just minutes from the beach.

About 25 minutes from the bustling heart of Melbourne's CBD, Williamstown Beach is a wide sandy beach with an attractive business precinct and a well-designed foreshore reserve. Williamstown is the perfect beach for deep water swimmers and those who enjoy boating shoal.

Schedule your visit to the monthly Williamstown Craft Market to browse a variety of food art and craft stalls. Take advantage of the beach's barbecue and playground facilities, or take a stroll in the beautiful Williamstown Botanical Gardens, just a stone's throw away Williamstown Beach.

Best time to visit:

You can visit the trendiest suburb on the seaside when the sun is about to set as it offers stunning views. 


Esplanade, Williamstown, Victoria 3016 

  • Shower
  • Good fishing
  • Swimming/bathing

5. Altona Beach

best beaches in malbourne map
Altona Beach 5# of 10# best beaches in melbourne
Altona Beach is one of Melbourne's quietest beaches and the best beaches in melbourne and the most frequented for peace and quiet. It's a clean beach that showcases yellow soft sand and crystal clear water, and besides being an excellent picnic spot, there are many cafés and restaurants along the beach point.

With free parking in leafy parks, this beach is one of Melbourne's most pristine suburbs in the west. The beach is completely accessible as it offers access for people of different abilities and was one of the first beaches to offer beach mats, perfect for wheelchair-bound visitors.

Lush pine trees in Norfolk shade the beach, making the walk (part of the Hobson's Bay Coastal Walk) an ideal place to walk with your pets and get some fresh air.

Best time to visit:

The best time to visit the beach is during summers as people sunbathe here and indulge in a host of water activities. 


Esplanade, Altona, at Victoria’s Hobsons Bay in Australia. 

6. Half Moon Bay

best beaches in melbourne map
Half Moon Bay 6# of 10# best beaches in melbourne
Half Moon Bay Beach is one of the most charming metropolitan Melbourne beaches in Australia, named for its crescent shape. It attracts aquatic life as it clings to the entrance below the grassy cliffs that serve as a bank, and also diver.

The bay attracts swimmers and boaters, and has many dining options. This beach is three hundred and fifty meters long, so the ample space is home to a jetty and launch boats, from which visitors can hop aboard for short trips. To feel the romantic addition, you have to stay until dusk, watch the sun go down slowly.

Half Moon Bay, named for its crescent-shaped bay, is known for its golden sands. The 350 m bay faces north, so the beach is well protected and safe for swimming. The pier is popular with fishermen and is one of the best places to catch local fish And chips, watching the sunset over the bay. To add some history to your day at the beach, if you look out over the bay, you can see a historic shipwreck from the 1920s.

Best time to visit:

The best time to visit the beach is during the late afternoons, and mid-morning because you get to feel the sea breeze and witness the ultramarine hue of the water. 


Half Moon Bay, Black Rock, Victoria, 3193

7. Mothers Beach

best beaches in melbourne map
Mothers Beach 7# of 10# best beaches in melbourne
Not only does this Mornington beach offer the safest vibe for tourists, but it also offers family-friendly spaces, making it one of the locals' favorite Melbourne beaches. There are a variety of picnic facilities here, as well as barbecues and towering cypress trees that provide shelter, This makes it an ideal place for a family outing.

Mother's Beach in Mornington is known for being one of Victoria's most family-friendly beaches and its scenic yacht-dotted harbour. Surrounded by towering cypress trees, this north-facing beach includes a boat ramp and dock to the safe, sheltered waters.

An excellent seafood and steak restaurant overlooks the marina, while BBQ picnic facilities, public toilets and outdoor showers are located below the sandy beach. Those looking to get active can hire canoes, kayaks or stand-up paddle boards, and there's plenty of playground football The Oval and Park are just a short walk away.

Best time to visit:

The best time to hit the beach is from 11 AM in the morning and stay up till the late afternoon. There are the sky-high cypre


It is located at Schnapper Point Drive in Victoria’s Mornington. 

8. sorrento beach

best beaches in melbourne map
sorrento beach 8# of 10# best beaches in melbourne

Sorrento Beach is one of Melbourne's most breathtakingly beautiful beaches and a gem of the coast. Its location between Port Phillip Bay and Bass Strait makes it an ideal sunset spot where tourists flock to.

The beach backs onto a scenic foreshore, a popular pier docks in front of the waterfront, and walking trails complete it. Sorrento Beach is a totally natural event with incredible shoreline clear water rock pools, and visiting the beach at night gives you a taste of elegance In all its glory.

Rock pools of various sizes and stunningly clear waters are just two reasons why Sorrento is one of the best beaches in Melbourne. Another reason is that it's home to the Queenscliff-Sorrento ferry if you want to venture across the bay. There is also a long sandy beach, Green lawns filled with superb BBQ facilities are perfect for family outings or beachside gatherings with friends.

Less than two hours' drive from the city of Sorrento, Sorrento Ocean Beach is a beautiful location situated near the tip of the Mornington Peninsula in a natural amphitheatre, backed by a lush forested headland. Spectacular views and crystal clear waters are perfect for snorkeling Unique rock pools that form at low tide make Sorrento Ocean Beach one of the most popular beaches in summer.

You'll find a café and surf lifesaving club near the main car park and at the start of several walking tracks. For some memorable Melbourne sightseeing, the Coppins Track highlights the area's history on its 3 km scenic clifftop walk to Diamond Bay. From cobbins The observation deck follows the steps down the cliff to discover rocky ocean platforms and stretches of sandy beach.

Best time to visit:

The best time to visit the beach is during the evenings to catch a glimpse of divine sunsets. However, snorkelers frequent the beach during summers when the water is crystal clear.


359BPoint Nepean Road, Sorrento, Victoria, 3943

9. hampton beach

best beaches in melbourne map
hampton beach 9# of 10# best beaches in melbourne
One of Melbourne's oldest and most pristine beaches is Hamptons Beach. The coastal cliffs at the southern end of Hampton Beach present a breathtaking view. The kids can swim easily in the safe waters here, and you can spend unforgettable moments with your family.

The seaside suburb of Hampton is known for its retail strip of restaurants, clothing stores and boutiques along Hampton Street. Not far from here, Hampton Beach has a stretch of pristine sand bordered by gentle waters perfect for swimming.

Throughout the foreshore reserve, barbecue playgrounds and picnic facilities are scattered among palm-lined landscaped lawns and walking and cycling paths. Walk to the southern end of Hampton Beach, where coastal cliffs offer panoramic views of the bay, or follow Hampton's 17 km Art Walk To celebrate the artists who have painted this beautiful coastline over the years.

Best time to visit:

On the basis of the score of tourism, the ideal time to pay a visit to this beach is from June to the middle of September. That is because you can indulge in some warm-weather activities during this time. 


Beach Road, Hampton in 3188 Victoria's Bayside.

10. Ocean Grove Beach

best beaches in melbourne map
Ocean Grove Beach 10# of 10# best beaches in melbourne
Soak up the sun and take a break at pristine kid-friendly Ocean Grove Beach, located in one of the most popular surf towns, surrounded by golf courses and famous wineries. You can explore the long, unspoilt stretch of golden sand that stretches all the way to the entrance Barwon River.

This wide, beautiful surf beach encourages visitors to sign up for boogie boarding and surf lessons. So for a relaxing and leisurely afternoon you can wander around the bustling nature reserve joints and restaurants or hit the waves in the ocean.

Best time to visit:

The best time to visit this flourishing reserve of nature is during the average conditions of summers. 


at 55 Hodgson Street in 3226 Victoria’s Ocean Grove. 

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